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About us

We are proud of our values and the service we offer to our clients.

Our vision and values

Our company was born with a clear goal: to promote the linguistic services sector and give it the importance and prestige it deserves.

We put the spotlight on the strategic importance of the message and the culture of our clients that are reflected in their language. To get this across successfully, we must first create a specialised ecosystem that can understand what the client wants to say, and then give it the tools it needs to do so.

To this end, we’ve designed a new way of working in which the way we integrate with our clients and collaborators is thought-out down to the very last detail. Thanks to a combination of the most powerful linguistic technologies, efficient processes, and the best professionals, we can offer our clients a high-quality linguistic ecosystem that perfectly fits their brand and needs.


Our clients can be safe in the knowledge that their linguistic needs are in good hands as we follow rigorous and transparent quality processes.


At Strategus Lingua, we know that our collaborators are our most important asset. That’s why we base our relationship with them on the principle of fairness. We care not only about the quality of the services we offer, but also about our production ecosystem.


We are a team of young professionals that are committed to what we do, to change, and to social transformation. We use the most powerful and innovative tools available on the market, combined with an efficient workflow adapted to the client’s needs.

Committed to quality and efficiency

Thanks to our mix of innovative linguistic technologies, efficient processes, and the best professionals, we can offer our clients a strategic service that is unique on the market.

We believe in the power of communication

We appreciate the importance and transformational power of communication. For this reason, we strive to be a linguistic ally that looks out for the needs, message, and culture of its clients and can get them across effectively without any barriers.

A beetle?

Yes, but not just any old beetle

Etymologically speaking, the word strategus is strongly linked to strategy, and that’s why Strategus Lingua endeavours to lead a common project based on strategic collaboration with a community of specialists. Additionally, in zoological nomenclature, Strategus is the name of a specific genus of rhinoceros beetle.

Our Strategus Lingua is one of a kind: a rare variety of multilingual beetle that can speak every language in the world and overcome all linguistic barriers.

The team

David Alonso

David Alonso

Director of Sales

An aeronautical engineer specialised in strategic and commercial management.
Experience in the aeronautic, renewable energy, oil & gas, and automotive sectors.

Highly focused on client satisfaction and reaching objectives.

Jose Ignacio Perales

Jose Ignacio Perales

Director of Operations

A translator specialised in software and multimedia localization. Several years’ experience managing projects and coordinating teams in various companies from the sector.

Expert in computer assisted translation (CAT) tools and neural machine translation. 

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