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We provide global coverage for all of a company’s linguistic service requirements.

Linguistic strategy

We have ample experience both at the corporate level and in the technical field, which enables us to offer our clients a strategic service they can’t find anywhere else on the market.

Linguistic identity creation and management

In the world of business knowing how to choose the right words is essential, not only to engage with your audience but also to stand out from your competitors and project an image that is in line with your company’s values. We can help you carve out a linguistic identity that meets your expectations and makes you feel proud of your brand. We can advise you about terminology by carrying out market research studies, create and develop linguistic assets, and adapt the way your message is transmitted to your target audience and culture.

All our services

We can meet all of your organisation’s linguistic needs. We offer a wide range of linguistic services focused on our clients and their community.

Full TEP
Translation, editing, and proofreading service. This service provides a very high-quality translation that is ready for publication. The translation and editing steps are carried out by two professionals that are native speakers of the target language. Finally, the quality assurance (QA) process is carried out using specialised tools to identify and correct human
A transcription is a textual reproduction of the message contained in audiovisual media. To carry out these projects professionally, the texts must be transcribed by a (preferably native) speaker of the source language, as not only does this task require a perfect knowledge of the language and its turns of phrase, but also a good awareness of its localisms.
Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing (DTP) involves using page layout software to create documents. This service is generally offered to complement translation and ensure that the format and design of the original document are faithfully recreated.


Localization involves adapting a product or service to meet the needs of a target language, culture, and audience. A well localized product or service appears to have been developed in the target culture. In addition to strictly linguistic factors, other elements also come into play such as time zones, currencies, public holidays, etc.

Post-editing is when a human reviews a text that has been translated by a machine. Although the quality of machine translation has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, a real person must always post-edit the text. To carry out this process, we use a powerful customised neural machine translation engine combined with specialised tools and the invaluable talent of our collaborators.
Text Proofreading and Adaptation

We provide linguistic reviews carried out by specialists to correct language in specific usage fields. We also offer cultural adaptation and linguistic consulting services to adapt your texts, for example, to use inclusive language.

Technical Validation (STE)

STE means “Simplified Technical English”. This is a controlled language developed in the ‘80s for use in the field of engineering. As its name suggests, it is a simplified version to help non-native speakers unambiguously understand English-language technical manuals.

Sworn Translation

These might be referred to as sworn translations or official translations, depending on the country. Whatever they’re called, they are basically translations that are signed and stamped by a certified translator. We can translate and certify the documents you need to submit in any country.


As its name suggests, this type of translation combines translation and creation, with the latter playing an especially important role. Transcreation involves adapting a text to make the meaning culturally appropriate. It’s not about transmitting the literal meaning of the words, but rather about ensuring
that the message has the same effect on the target


Alignments are a quick way of reusing and making the most of old translations, either because the old documents weren’t translated with CAT software or because the client doesn’t have translation memories. The alignment process is based on connecting the source segments with the corresponding target segments to form what we call translation units.

Subtitling & Voice-overs

Subtitling is an increasingly widespread activity in the business world. Subtitles can help a video reach an audience that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access this content. Voice-overs are an audio track of a written script, whether for adverts, corporate videos, radio spots, documentaries, e-learning courses, audioguides, audiobooks, videogames, or animations.

In the context of linguistic services, interpreting means orally reproducing the words of a speaker or group of people in another language. Depending on the type of speech, the material resources available, and how quickly the interpreter reproduces the speaker’s message, we can offer you consecutive, simultaneous, or liaison interpreting services.

How do we do it?

By developing and taking care of the quality of both the end product and the production ecosystem.

We care about you

Each client has a single point of contact that ensures their projects are executed correctly and who they can contact with any questions.


Information security

We sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients and collaborators to guarantee that your information is always in safe hands.

The best professionals

We provide our multilingual experts with a fair and collaborative work ecosystem so they can let their talent flow.

Language technologies

We use the most powerful specialised software to make our collaborators’ work easier and meet our clients’ expectations.

Quality processes

We organise our production processes in accordance with the sector’s most demanding quality standards and regulations.

Professional PMs

We have professional, highly experienced project managers that can deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

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